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MRA505  5 x 3.5”SATA/SAS 6.0Gbps Internal Enclosure


Next-Generation storage solution

MRA505 is one of the series products that customized design for industrial-grade, professional-grade storage market. All-metal parts and intelligent temperature control design which provide more rigid quality and greater heat dissipation. With patented NSS connector supports 50,000 times hot swap and Tool-Free design. Suitable for personal professional workstations, industrial computers, machinery and equipment, military and other fields of storage products.

Ultra-rugged and High quality frame
Aluminum outer case, hairline finish, durable and greater heat dissipation. Zinc Alloy door handle can bear over 20KG pull without broken and deformation. SUS430 ejection mechanism, SGCC back cover, Zinc Alloy hook, High-strength heat-resistant fire-rated PC, and aluminum track.。

     Strong zinc alloy door handle            Metal parts percentage

High capacity

Supports 5 x 3.5" SATA HDD in 3 x 5.25" space. Maximum capacity up to 30TB (6TB*5)

Compatible with thicker and thinner HDD
To fully utilize 5 x 3.5" SATA HDD in 3 x 5.25" space, HDD will be used in upright position.
Patent alignment mechanism make sure thinner HDD connected to backplane firmly. (Patent applied in many countries)

Excellent heat dissipation
Set proper Airflow by vent of front bezel and space between HDDs, plus 80mm fan to enhance heat dissipation, control the HDD surface temperature does not exceed the environmental temperature of 15 degrees, let the HDD works in the normal temperature range any time.

Intelligent temperature control system

When the internal temperature reaches 30 °C, the fan starts running, which extend fan life cycle. Fan speed will be adjusted automatically by the temperature change, fan spins at the highest speed when the temperature reaches 40 °C. (HIGH Mode : Fan spins at the highest speed when the temperature reaches 30 °C)
Dual alarm system: buzzer and LED for the fan failure or internal temperature exceeds the setting maximum temperature.

Individual power switch 
Every single HDD corresponds to a power switch button,  press the power switch button for 3 seconds to power on or off.

Power on / off for all bays quickly

One button can power on /off all bays sequentially.
Time saving and avoid current increased dramatically.

Memorize function

MRA505 will memorize previous working status of every HDD if it occurs sudden power failure during use. It will automatically restart and back to previous working status after restoring power. This feature is designed primarily for surveillance, servers and other equipment that required long time uninterrupe work. When the power failure occurs during use, after power restore, there's no need to restart MRA505 mamualy, it can automatically restart and back to previous working status to achieve unattended intelligent mode.。

Compatible with SATA and SAS  HDD

                                                                                                                                                        Support SAS primary data port only

High Quality PCBA

PCBA is designed by the requirement of high-frequency data transmission. Component and manufacturing process are used according to industry standard. PCB with 2.0mm four layers FR-4.                 




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Product front/back view
Product specification

Model No. : MRA505
Model Name: 5 x 3.5" SATA/SAS  6.0Gbps Internal Enclosure
Product Color : Black frame + Silver door handle
Type of HDD: 5 x 3.5”SATA/SAS HDD
Transmission Speed : SATA III  6.0 Gb/sec. (Speed varies with the HDD)
Assembly Space : 3 x 5.25”CD-ROM space
Interface : 5 x SATA 7Pin
Power Input : 2 x SATA15Pin + 2 x ATX 4Pin
Lock: Yes
LED Indicator : Blue steady for power ; Blue blinking for access
Orange blinking for fan failure, alternating orange and blue flashing
Red blinking when temperature is above the setting, alternating red and blue flashing
Heat-dissipation system: 80 x 80 x 20 mm DC 12V 3000 rpm ball bearing
Fan speed control : AUTO / HIGH
Malfunction alarm: Dual alarm system: buzzer and LED (for the fan failure or internal temperature exceeds the setting maximum temperature)
Power and working environment Voltage: 12V + 5V DC
Working Temperature: 0°~ 55°C
Storage Temperature: -20°~ 55°C
Relative Humidity:5% ~ 65%
Hot swap support : Yes
Operating System: Any OS
Material : Aluminum, Alloy Zinc, SGCC, SUS430, PC
Dimension (L*W*H) : 190.5 * 146 * 127.5 mm
Product Weight : 1704 g
Packing: 6pcs / carton
Packaging Contents : MRA505 x 1
Manual x 1
Frame screw x 8
SATA Cable x 5
Key x 2